3,111 miles from home.

I could possibly have started writing about my travels some years ago. I have covered quite a distance in the last 16 years, which is as long as I have been working professionally. I love my job as a singer and I love travel so, though I often miss home, it really isn’t the worst job in the world. Some would even call it a career but they’d be bolder than I.

I have always travelled a lot, as an islander you generally do if you want to experience more of the world. Before I got my first car it was boats and buses and trains but they don’t really allow for impromptu stops nor always go in the direction of the gig in the back of beyond. I have seen a fair bit of the Scottish countryside and often the long way round thanks to ‘dart board’ tour booking but there is always something to gain from it, a sunset, sunrise, yarn or warm welcome once you arrive at your destination. Once during the winter on a trip back from Aberdeen through the night to Glasgow, there was a lone stag standing proud on a rock in Glen Shee, backlit by the moonlight, and I had him all to myself. He was glorious. That of course was when I had my car.

My first car was small, definitely not meant for off road, but she did her best to serve me. When I got her she was about 9 years old but had only done about 10,000 miles. She’d belonged to the garage owners Mother who drove it from one part of town to another to get her shopping every week. My car’s first year with me was a shock to her system, she did another 10,000 miles. Poor thing just couldn’t keep that up. If she knew what I was up to these days she’d be very glad she retired.

Currently I’m doing a 27 date tour of the USA with country star Trace Adkins and his stellar band. In the 6 weeks we’ll be traveling 10,000 miles of American Highways from Michigan to Florida and Kansas to Rhode Island. That’s a lot of miles for anyone and especially a girl from an Island that, by car, is 2 hours long and an hour and a half wide. However as I said, if you want to experience the world, and you just happen to want to sing your heart out in the process this really isn’t the worst way of going about it.

With love from, Weehawken, NJ looking across at the Manhattan Skyline.


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