Off road on the road.

Two weeks weeks into this Trace Adkins tour and we’re back in Nashville for Thanksgiving. Not all tours celebrate this but we are and it’s good to sit still for a few days. The drive back was 878 miles through the night, from up state New York, and though I have been sleeping on the tour bus I do think I felt every one. Everybody from the tour has headed ‘home for the holidays’ but Ireland is a step too far for a 3 day turn around so home for me is a hotel downtown.

Days off are stellar. Time to re charge. Time to actually do all the things you also set out to do on the road. I think one of the hardest things about touring is the travel. Now I know that might sound a little obvious but it’s not just the act of traveling itself, it’s doing that to a schedule. You’re moving early and late, and yet you’ve to be ready with full energy towards the end of the day. Yes, ‘Dr. Footlights’ as he is called will take care of a certain amount of that but unless you balance things right you’ll be running on empty soon enough.

Back to the recharging: I went for a run. 6.89miles. The weather was good enough that I managed to run outside for the first time in months. I took to running 10 years ago and honestly it’s a life saver. It gives you time to think, time to be creative, run through ideas and see a bit of the area while you are at it. I ran downtown to the river, climbed the bridge there and got a good look over the city, took photos and visited the Country Music Hall of Fame before heading back to my hotel. I read. Time well used. I trashed my room. It’s allowed I do always tidy up before I leave. I caught up with my Hubby and a few pals. Though I always have time for my Hubby sometimes I actually feel I have more time off, on the road, than I do at home….


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