If I see another taco…

Eating on the road can be a challenge. Especially if you’ve specific dietary requirements. I don’t eat wheat. My husband is gluten-free. The first dinner we went for there was no shortage of conversation, it was a match made in heaven. He’s a coeliac. I have endometriosis. I manage that by not eating wheat, if you cut out monthly hospital visits ending in morphine injections, you’d stop eating wheat too. Tell that to every diner, restaurant, venue, coffee shop, some just do not get it.

My husband toured the USA for 10 weeks with one particular project. He was the only gluten-free member of the group. For 7 nights solid, each a different venue, he got a caesar salad. Now, fortunately, I can eat salad till it is coming out my ears but my poor husband does not feel the same way. He has even experienced an italian restaurant who could not make a sauce without flour as all their sauces were started with a roux. Last time I checked a roux was french.

Now riders take care of some of this. There will always be a salad, vegetables, potatoes but meats will likely have sauces and fish too, so I come prepared. Rice crackers and peanut butter, hummous and tacos. Some weeks however it can end up being just one taco too many.

Wholefoods is my favourite shop in the USA. I like wandering food shops in all countries as I like to see what different foods, fruits and local produce they have particualr to there but Wholefood in the USA for anyone with allergies or the like is a mecca. Yes you will have to pay a bit more but you know on walking in it’s hallo’d doors you’ll be able to walk out with so many treats, healthy options and after-gig-rewards touring life just takes on a whole new bounce!


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