Monsieur, you are spoiling us..

On this day of thanksgiving I am thankful. I am also full. Of food. Lucky me.

I was invited by our band leader Jon Coleman and his wife Jenna and Trace’s manager, JW, and wife Debra for dinner. My first American Thanksgiving and I am grateful indeed! When you are not used to having a glutenfree member in your household it’s a bit of an undertaking to have someone in for the day but I was catered for like a princess.

At half 7 this morning I got an email from JW to ask if I was allergic to pecan as he was up making a glutenfree pecan pie from a recipie left by his great grandmother. Jon C made the turkey, the taters, the green bean casserole, the cranberry sauce, and in addition to the stuffing and gravy he made for the other 7, I got my own stuffing and gravy. How could you not be thankful?

A houseful of happy folk and a two little boys running about being cute it was just the ticket for someone who, though loves her job, can feel far from home at times and the warm welcome was a blessing. I came back to my hotel and facetime’d my Hubby and told him all my news. Missing him now more than ever but from the original 46 days away we’re now down to 25. Time does fly when you’re having fun.

We’re back on the bus tonight and actually I have been missing my road family. I’m sure it’s not mutual, as they all will have been home in their own beds with their families, but I’m looking forward making some more great music with these good folks and I did buy a new dress I just have to wear…

Whatever gets you through, whatever gets you through.. 😉


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