Sometimes things just click…

Last night I was invited to a party. I knew the hostess but not the host. I know him now.  I knew the ‘band’ we’re on tour together but currently are playing arrangements for Trace Adkins, beautiful arrangements I must add, but it’s Trace’s music for his Christmas show. Last night with the help of their friends or spouses everyone played their own music, what they’ve written and what they perform and it was glorious. A joy to behold. I knew before but I know better now there is some serious T.A.L.E.N.T on this tour.

I hold the belief that music can heal. Not as the medical or surgical fields can but it can lift your soul. It can inspire and it can change the way you feel. Possibly not forever but it can give you enough light in your day, in that moment to see that there are other feelings you can experience.

Last night was full of light and laughter, moments of real beauty. Not the 3 minute alotted radio time or the xfactor hysteria that fades as the next season comes along but true beauty. Last night and those beautiful souls will stay with me for ever.


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