When is a holiday no longer a holiday?

I’ve been on tour now for 6 and a half weeks. It’s been an incredible tour. A new project for me so there’s always the process of making new friends and getting to know folk really well in a very short space of time. Living in close quarters. My 1st full tour bus experience. Late nights, very early mornings and time differences that change from day to day and despite only a few hours can feel like an entire day in relation to who ever is still at home.

Living now in Ireland and working in the States I am the only tour member that doesn’t get home. You learn to live with it. It begins with you and your husband counting the days. It started at 44 sleeps and once you get to hump week, which is always around the half way mark, the week where everyone gets a little grumpy, you’re on 21 days then it’s 14 days then it’s single figures then your holding each other wondering how you ever manage  to be apart for so long and also how on earth the time flew by so quickly. CRAZY, EH??

In an effort to account by for the fact you work away so much you do things to make up for it. Hubby and I decided, at my suggestion, that he would come over for the last gig, get a chance to see it, marvel over it (hopefully), meet all the folk I have been incessantly talking about for the last while and then we stay on in Florida in the heat and have a well deserved holiday alone. Christmas and New Year, catching up, relaxing and being slightly selfish by not involving anyone else but ‘hey’ nearly 7 weeks apart – we deserve it!

Note to self then…. when going overseas always call your bank and tell them ALL the counties you are going to visit on your journey, EVERYONE, even if only passing through an airport hub it will save embarrassing discussions with retail staff assuring them all is well with your account and hours on the phone with the banks fraud department. Services are especially more difficult on a Sunday. RAAAOOOORRRR!

This unforseen, kinda of rookie mistake, can suddenly make a holiday feel – not like a well deserved holiday at all! Sigh…


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