Home (Home) and the respect it respects.

Today I am home in Lewis. The place of my birth. It’s a long where from where I live now, far from where I work most of the time. Its a long ‘where’ from anywhere. 40 nautical miles from the West Coast of the North of Scotland I believe, but I have no real interest in the exactness of that. It’s where I come from, for most of my life it’s been the centre of my universe, so really I leave it to others to work that distance out.

I am home for a funeral.

Funerals the world over are different. I found myself at a funeral in London once. It was the end of a tour. The end of a play. The beautiful actor and bon vivant Simon Mackenzie, when he saw the joyous dancing over at the other side of the restaurant we were in said, ‘Go sing for the bride and groom’, and when I approached the group and offered to do so I found it to be a funeral. It was a Lebanese restaurant and they were celebrating the dead.

Is Lewis funerals are much more reserved. Voices are kept low and there is no raucous singing or dancing. Here in Lewis some members of my family will not come to the grave side as that is still not the place for women. I can respect that but also feel times have changed.

Tomorrow though we will all remember the life gone. We will reflect.

I have good memories. XX


2 thoughts on “Home (Home) and the respect it respects.

  1. So sorry to hear such sad circumstances have brought you home to the islands. I’m from Lewis too, but a long way from home as well. Do you mind me asking where in the U.S. you are usually? I noticed you mentioned Weehawken in an earlier post, so I think we might be quite near each other. Sorry again to hear your sad news.


    • HI Katie, Lovely to hear from you. Today was sad but it was good too. There was a warmth about the day which is comforting.

      I now live in Ireland, in Co. Wexford, we’re about an hour south of Dublin but I work a lot of the time in the US. I spent 20 weeks there this last year. I was around NJ for about two weeks late November and have some good contacts there. I travel about from place to place quite a lot, the last 5 weeks were out of Tennessee, but I could send you a list of the gigs I am doing on my next trip over Feb/March and if you are anywhere nearby you’re more than welcome to come along? Is the email above here the best one to contact you on?

      Despite today being sad I am very glad I am home. It’s blowing a gale outside and I actually find that quite comforting… I think Lewis houses have always been built well.


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