Back in the saddle

I’m on the road again, this time with “6 times Grammy award winners” ‘The Chieftains’. That’s what the publicity says and it’s true but to me they are my road family. 12 people I know very, very well. I’ve been doing this with them, every spring in the USA, for the last 8 years. We’re 11 days into the tour and despite some terrible travel disruptions and thankfully some great gigs we’re all still talking. 😉 

Touring is fun but hard, especially in the winter months. Flying as much as we do is hard, in the winter months. You will hit the ‘hump’ week midway through where everyone is feeling tired, missing home and family, you’ve seen far too much of your cohorts and are possibly not in the cheeriest frame of mind. In bad-weather touring you can hit ‘hump’ week much earlier than you’re ready for it…

Things that get you through are simple. Time to yourself for some, a good meal (which has to mean way beyond ‘decent’) for others, a catch up with a non touring friend along the way or a long chat on the phone with your Hubby. 

All flights were cancelled into Newark on Sunday, the snow is still falling and we’re due to fly into Newark again tomorrow. The airlines are already emailing regards possible flight delays. Let’s hope we have a great gig tonight, the food is fantastic and my Hubby texts at 11pm eastern time to say he’s wide awake! 


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