Jasper King

We lost a good man at the end of last week. I have spent some time reminiscing. I watch several of Jasper’s videos online of him performing with ‘The Chipolatas’. The trio of Sam, Tristan & Jasper were street artists. The one thing every video showed was the sheer joy they brought to their audiences whether in the UK, Australia, Japan or Africa they brought people together and left them smiling broadly. Jasper you are sorely missed but thank you for all your joy. X

Angus' Street Life


The street arts world will be united in its sadness at the loss of the lovely, funny, wholly authentic and hugely gifted Jasper King – of the Chipolatas – but how lucky we are to have had him.

As a performer, Jasper had an ability to make every single member of a crowd feel that he was there just for them. If you were a small enthusiastic child or a big weary adult, a distracted dad or a tired mum, a surly teenager or an elderly passer-by, Jasper was going to stand there and bring you in, tipping you the wink, letting you know it was all right to have a good time. Leave your day behind, he seemed to say, forget about school or work or responsibility, don’t worry about your next appointment, let’s just agree to relax and enjoy ourselves. He’d look out from the stage at the audience, sizing us up…

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